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We are a small show home exhibiting and breeding boxers. All our babes live in the house with us

As a child, I grew up with cats, when I was 12 years old my friends dog had a litter of puppies ,and there was one left needing a home so I said I would have her
and I took this little bundle of black and white fluff home (without asking my parents permission first!).

My Dads reaction was No Way!

Then I put her on his knee and after a few minutes of the puppy staring up at him adoringly she curled up and went to sleep and he was hooked. We named her
Suzy and she had a happy life with us for 16 years. For our next family dog my Mum and Dad chose a Cairn Terrier, when she was about 4 months old I sadly
lost my Dad, but my Mum has never been without a dog since

I had been married a couple of years and our Son was about year old when my husband and I decided to rescue Kipper, he stayed with us 12 years. Then along
came Nellie, she had to be one of the last you could buy in a pet shop! We went past the shop one day and she was on her own looking so sad we just couldn’t
leave her there, she stayed 12 years with us too. When Nellie was a year old my youngest Son came home with this bundle of black and white fluff and well, you
know the rest - that was Ziggy and she stayed with us 14 years

Ziggy was about 13 when my Son turned up on the doorstep with this bounding Boxer, he had split with his partner and come back to Mum for a while.

I thought OMG a Boxer I hope he doesn’t stay long, it was only 2 days before I fell for him, his name was Tom and he stayed 7 years and he is the reason I will
never be without a boxer in my life if I can help it :-)

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